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Overwatch coming with a trial, Reinhardt legendary skins!

Probably, the only bad thing we could think of about Blizzard’s Overwatch was the game not having a trial similar to something that we have for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. Well, it seems Blizzard is already planning to make some sort of trial for the FPS as found out in the recent PTR.


The game was hit with a new patch in the Public Test Realm that allowed players to search for bugs and also test out various abilities in the new patch. It was also used for datamining and while many did so, people at Overpwn found out something related to a trial in Overwatch hinting it might be coming when this goes live.



The following statement was seen on Overpwn’s page about the trial strings;



Possibly, the trial in Overwatch would limit players to a few maps or possibly prevent them from playing all heroes similar to what they’ve done for Diablo 3. Since, there hasn’t been anything official by Blizzard in this regards so all this is based over speculation but hopefully this is going to be good news for those who want to give Overwatch a try before actually paying for it.

Apart from the trial thing, recently at Gamescom Blizzard also revealed the big guy of Overwatch, Reinhardt is also set to receive two awesome legendary skins one of which is based over the armor of Eichenwalde. This was further confirmed by game director Jeff Kaplan on the official forum for Overwatch.


Among the pictures for the new skins, Reinhardt is gonna look like this:


Tell us what you think of the golden juggernaut of Overwatch and if bring in a trial for the game is going to help the community grow?