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[Elsword KR] Lord Knight – 7-6 Heroic Dungeon Hell mode

In this video you will see [Elsword KR] Lord Knight – 7-6 Heroic Dungeon Hell mode. Made by SSKillYes183

Elsword (Korean: 엘소드) is a Free to Play, 2.5D action MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It features real-time action gameplay and includes both player vs. environment and player vs. player modes. There are eleven playable characters within the game, each with unique backstories and distinct abilities. While playing the game is free, some items and costumes can be purchased through in-game “Item Mall” using real currency.

The game was originally made with the intention of being the spiritual successor to Grand Chase by upgrading the graphics from 2D to 2.5D.

The story of Elsword takes place in Elrios, a mystical land nurtured to life through the power of a gem known as the El Stone. When the El Stone is stolen, Elsword and his allies go on a quest to recover it and bring the thieves to justice. Along the way, new allies join his team, known as the “El Search Party”. While this story ties the eight regions of the world together, each region has multiple subplots that unfold as players complete the dungeons in that region. In addition, each character has a personal story that is told as they level up and select their job class path.