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GTA V Players Have Spent The Entire 2016 Trying To Destroy A Possibly Indestructible Dam

  GTA players have chased bigfoot, hunted for jetpacks, stared at a face in a mountainside, and, at one point, tried to pinpoint a sewer dwelling human/ratcreature. Recently, the obsessions of hardcore GTA V fans have turned slightly more bizarre, with some players latching onto the idea that maybe, just maybe,

Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video features hacking, driving, and bounties

Marcus Holloway does it all. The first “open world, free-roam” Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video sends heavily-armed Mr Robot wannabe Marcus Holloway through a “small slice” of the San Francisco Bay area, showcasing the game's hacking, driving, drones, various customization options, and other in-game activities.   On this showing I can't say I'm